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iPhone 6 causes hair loss

by on06 October 2014

Poor design

Not only does the iPhone 6 pluss bend, is operating system is bugging and its Healthkit app ignore women, apparently the design is so poor that it will have you literally ripping your hair out.

Hairy hipsters are complaining that small gaps between the iPhone 6 Plus' aluminum case and glass are snagging and yanking out hairs during calls. #HairGate is now a trending topic on social media, with those who suffer from the problems moaning that testers must have been bald. However it also effects people who have beards.

Of course it is nothing to do with that, no one in Apple has enough testosterone in their bodies to be bald, or grow a beard, it is more likely that, once again, Apple’s design has fallen short.

New York Magazine writer comments that the longhaired Steve Jobs would have never let this happen. Of course Steve would never let a poor design that bends out into the shops either, but then again he died before his company ran out of ideas, so his reputation was only stained by rubberband antennagate.

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