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Fake Nvidia GPU’s flogged in Germany

by on28 August 2014

Dressed up

Fake graphics cards with NVIDIA GPUs are currently available on the German market from many retailers. The box claims that the card is a GeForce GTX 660, but they are nothing but BIOS manipulated old cards from the Fermi generation.

Each "Nvidia GTX660 4096 Bulk" is made up with an ancient GPU which the driver recognizes through a BIOS manipulation as a GeForce GTX 660th. Needless to say the specifications of the graphics card are quite different from a real GeForce GTX 660 graphics card.

It looks like the cards are being widely circulated and might have caught the wholesales selling them on the hop. The cards were being distributed by an outfit called Kosatec to numerous German online stores. Jacob Elektronik has listed the card for 163,80 Euro when there is not a GeForce GTX 660 at that price.

Online there are numerous dealers that sell the fake card.

Nvidia told it had identified on the GPU serial number of the chip but could not make any further comment.

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