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Apple stores data in China

by on15 August 2014

Now the government can spy on it to

In a move to appease the Chinese censors, Apple will be storing the personal details of its Chinese Apple fanboys behind the bamboo curtain. It will be handy for the Chinese government, it will mean that for the first time it can identify who only has one kidney or is short of an organ or two. It is the first time that the tech giant is storing user data on Chinese soil and it will be kept on servers provided by China Telecom.

Apple claimed that it would improve the speed and reliability of its iCloud service, which lets users store pictures, e-mail and other data. It also coincides with Apple's bid to support its iTunes Store in China. Google has refused to allow such a set up because it is basically handing user data over to the government. Apple claimed that all data stored with our providers is encrypted and China Telecom does not have access to the content. 

The encryption keys for Apple's data on China Telecom servers would be stored offshore and not made available to China Telecom, Apple claimed. We can see this working well.

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