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Headhunters chasing Big Data Boffins

by on13 August 2014

Get 100 job requests a day

If you want to make more money than Bill Gates your future might lie in becoming a Data Warehouse scientist. While it is never going to get you laid at parties, you will be more popular than Ronald Reagan at a Tea Party rally.

According to author Elizabeth Dwoskin, Data Warehouse scientists are like “unicorns” the only difference is that mythical horses are captured by virgins. There is a real shortage of people with the skills to “extract and interpret the explosion of data from Internet clicks, machines and smartphones” and a war is being fought between headhunting employment agencies to recruit them.

Dwoskin said that anyone with ‘data science’ in his or her job title is going to get ‘100 recruiter’ emails a day.” There are up to 36,000 openings at up to 6,000 companies offering salaries like $200,000 to $300,000 for data scientists with just a couple years of experience.

Of course one day all this stuff is going to be automated, but for now you can make a real killing.

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