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AMD releases FX-8300 CPU and Athlon X4 860K

by on05 August 2014

If you live in China

AMD has announced the release of its FX-8300 CPU along with its new Athlon X4 860K, at least in China. The CPU is a pimped up Steamroller part which drops into the FM2+ socket and does not have any on-die graphics enabled.

It has four Steamroller CPU cores which can manage 3.7GHz if they are going downhill and the wind is behind them. They are overclockable thanks to an unlocked multiplier. AMD has fitted the CPU with 2 MB of L2 cache and it should be priced for the budget market. There are no reports of a price being announced yet.

THe FX-8300 is a cheap 8-core CPU, bringing the technology on a lower price point along with a lower TDP. It still needs 95 W bt at least can manage some serious multi-threaded performance along with a low price point. The CPU cores are clocked at 3.2 GHz but can be boosted to 3.5 GHz. Again there is no indication of what the price will be, but there will probably be an announcement any day soon.

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