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AMD A6-7400K up for pre-order in US

by on24 June 2014

Frustrating rollout

A new Kaveri  APU is up for pre-order in the US, but it is still not available. AMD’s Kaveri rollout has proved troublesome. The company announced the first three chips months ago, but so far only two of them are actually available in retail.

The third one, the A8-7600, is still missing in action. Only the A10-7700K and A10-7850K, both 95W parts, are available.

Unlike the first three parts, the A6-7600 is a dual-core chip. It has 1MB of L2 cache, unlocked multiplier, 65W TDP and it is clocked at 3.5GHz, or 3.9GHz on Turbo. The chip packs Radeon R5 graphics clocked at 726MHz, reports CPU World

ShopBLT is pricing the chip at $86, making it about $30 cheaper than the quad core A8-7600, which is still nowhere to be found. 

In addition to the A10-7400K, we've spotted a new A10 part in Europe, but it might be an OEM only product. The A10-7800 is shipping in a new Acer desktop, with discrete Radeon R7 240 graphics on the side. It is a 3.5GHz quad-core, but it's nowhere to be found in box/tray retail.

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