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British spooks agree to share Intelligence

by on17 June 2014

If it has any

The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has pledged to share intelligence on hackers and "select" intellectual property as part of the government's growth plans. The spooks said that they would give out information as part of the government's ongoing economic growth and attack-mitigation strategies.

However it looks like the intelligence-sharing partnership will initially be limited to a select number of firms with ongoing government contracts. In otherwords the chums who have ingratiated themselves to whatever political party happens to be in power to score defence contracts will now have other perks.

GCHQ does plan to expand the pilot scheme to include critical infrastructure businesses in the future.

"The new pilot will see GCHQ commit to release certain cyber security threat intelligence at pace and scale to help communications service providers (CSPs) to the government. Later on the pilot will expand to help certain other parties involved in national infrastructure," said the spokesperson.

"This is a groundbreaking initiative that will see us use and share the information we glean using our global intelligence network to mitigate the threats and allow affirmative action to be taken."

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