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Qualcomm Toq smartwatch learns to talk

by on07 May 2014

New software update

Qualcomm Toq is another example how a company can improve rather good product with a simple software update. When it came out, the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch was lacking a lot of features, but thanks to a few updates the watch learned how to track activities and with the latest update, it learned how to understand your voice.

The 1.5 software update and the new Android app bring voice typing and let you use your voice to respond to text messages. The software is using Nuance's STT technology and it will understand you quite well. It doesn’t take that long to do the recognition either, but of course it doesn’t work as well as Google Now on your phone.

The voice capability is currently limited to SMS response and in order to reply you need to click inside the message and chose the microphone icon.  As you can see on the video, you need to click the text message to get the reply, voice or call option and then you can select the Toq Talk voice to text feature (that is the official name). There is no edit option, you can use voice to text feature and afterwards you can either repeat the whole voice to text process or send it.

qualcomm toq update

The update brings "activity tracking enhancements and improved fidget detection and enhanced accuracy for high intensity activities." We tried using the activity feature and it will give you some general sense, but it won't tell you any accurate data of how many steps you might have done.

For example 8.813 points will translate to some 7 kilometers (4.35 miles). Of course higher the number means that you were more active, but doesn’t really tell you as much as you would like. It doesn’t exactly match FitBit data from a smartphone.

We would like to see voice to text across applications and ability to respond on Skype, Viber or other third party applications and it would be cool to be able to use voice commands for more than just SMS.


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