Microsoft HoloLens 2 to run on Qualcomm's XR1 SoC
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Could launch in Q1 2019

While there have been plenty of rumors regarding Microsoft's next-generation augmented/virtual reality headset, the latest one suggests that it will be based on Qualcomm's recently announced XR1 SoC.

Broadcom has laid off 1,100 workers
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More likely to follow

Broadcom has laid off about 1,100 workers as part of cost cutting following its $5.5 billion acquisition of Brocade, and more cuts are expected to come.

NXP deal still pending in China
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Yet to be confirmed

A report that officially Beijing greenlighted the NXP deal has been questioned by Reuters which dismisses  the confirmation and backs its up with multiple sources.

Qualcomm still going to make datacentre chips
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Kills rumours

Qualcomm has no plans to abandon its efforts to create processors for data centres, despite rumours that it is giving up on the idea.

Paul Jacobs launches XCOM
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Ex-Chairman still wants Qualcomm

Last week there was a disturbance in the force. Former CEO and recent chairman of Qualcomm, Paul E. Jacobs, decided to start a new company and call it XCOM. There is little surprise that his new company is focusing on the 5G wireless technologies that will propel the next mobile revolution.

Sprint in bed with Qualcomm and Intel
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Free data for Snapdragon PC/sell 5G in 2019 for Intel

Sprint just made two big announcements one with Qualcomm about its 4G always connected PC and one with Intel for its 2019 5G PCs.

Xiaomi Mi8 SE is officially out
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Snapdragon 710 for 1799 RMB / €240 or $280

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has introduced the new mainstream/performance killer called the Mi 8 SE and this phone will sell for 1799 RMB/€240 or $280. It comes with the Snapdragon 710 and a dual AI camera.

AI has the right to bear arms in US
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Everything American must have the ability to shoot something

US artist Alexander Reben recently released a video of his latest piece, which is him asking Google Assistant to fire a gun. After all, everything in the US has the right to overwhelming firepower right?

Qualcomm XR1 is the first XR platform
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VR meets AR in future 10nm chip

Qualcomm has introduced a brand new platform called Snapdragon XR1, dedicated to Extended reality (XR) at the Augmented World Expo (AWE). It already has several customers on board.

Qualcomm meeting with China’s antitrust regulators
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Wants to push through the NXP deal

Qualcomm is to meet this week in Beijing with China’s antitrust regulators in a final push to secure clearance for its proposed $44 billion acquisition of NXP.