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Heartbleed turns cyber criminals into victims

by on30 April 2014

Seems they forget to update

Security researchers are using the Heartbleed vulnerability to attack cyber criminal sites and steal material from dark web chatrooms. French anti-malware researcher Steven K told the BBC that the vulnerability was proving a real killer to black-hat services.

He said that Heartbleed had put many such forums in a "critical" position and left them vulnerable to attack using tools that exploit the bug. He had used tools to target some closed forums called Darkode and Damagelab. Darkode had been a hard target to monitor, but Heartbleed exposed everything. Now he has access and details of all the members who have been posting.

Ironically, those who repeat the work of security researchers such as Mr K could leave themselves open to criminal charges for malicious hacking, if Darkode and or its members complain. What is suprising is that a site famous for its hackers did not think to update its own software the moment news about Heartbleed became available.


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