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Apple TV has sold 20 million units

by on24 April 2014

That is a lot of box since 2007 intro

If you were not paying close attention to Apple’s quarterly conference call you might have missed a little tidbit thrown out by CEO Tim Cook about the Apple TV. Since the launch of the original Apple TV way back in 2007, Apple has sold 20 million units. That is actually a very impressive number of units for a device that when introduced it was described as a “hobby” project for Apple.

Cook also confirmed that the company will stop using the “hobby” label when talking about the Apple TV going forward. With the Apple TV selling over one billion dollars of content purchased directly from the Apple TV boxes, it can hardly be called a “hobby”.

While Cook would not confirm that a new Apple TV is coming, the comments do seem to confirm that which our sources have been saying, Apple will bring out a new revised and advanced version of the Apple TV.

While we don’t have a clue when it will arrive, based on Cook’s comments when combined with whispers from our sources it does seem that it will arrive sooner than later and it will be here for this holiday season. Cook seems very aware how much more successful Apple TV could be if it were opened up to have some additional abilities like supporting casual gaming for example.

Sources tell us that a date for the introduction of the new hardware has not been finalized, but it is thought that Apple will not want to wait too long as more people are passing on the Apple TV and choosing instead the Amazon Fire TV and Roku which offer more advanced features that the current Apple TV.


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