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Apple adds 3 new networks for Apple TV

by on22 April 2014

A&E, History, and Lifetime get channels

Ahead of the rumored launch of a new version of the Apple TV, the company has added three new channels to the Apple TV slate. A&E, History, and Lifetime each gained dedicated channels on the Apple TV slate.

The addition of the three channels comes just as the content providers both added new iPad apps to provide streaming to iPad users. Users do have to login with their cable or satellite provider to access the live streams and the content on demand that these channels offer. So as with other channels, if your cable or satellite provider isn’t one who offers access to these services, you will not be able to gain access to these new channels.

The push to add new channels has been a steady thing for the Apple TV over the past couple of months and it comes ahead of the new Apple TV hardware that sources tell us the manufacturer will launch soon that will add a new of new things, but the big gets are said to be better and more processing power, gesture control without a remote control, and voice search technology with the addition of Siri. We are also hearing that gaming controllers will be offered and the new Apple TV will support casual gaming as one of the addition core additions to the platform.

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