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Lego is tool of Satan

by on02 April 2014

Polish priest claims golden dawn of evil toys

A Polish priest claims that lego is the favourite tool of Satan and is being used to brainwash kids to worship dark forces. Citing research from New Zealand, Poland's Father Slawomir Kostrzewa warns that children are being led into a world of doom and darkness.

Father Kostrzewa who hit the headlines claiming that Hello Kitty is a tool of the porn industry claims that Lego has become darker in recent years. He said that it now had characters such as Zombies and Monster Fighters. He described this as a "necro-aesthetic." Kostrzewa pointed to research by the University of Canterbury in New Zealand that indicated more Lego figures are looking angry. He added: "These toys can have a negative effect on children. They can destroy their souls and lead them to the dark side."

“And then the Alpha will become the Omega and from the AO and 10,000 thousand serpents will rise from the sand and there will be an absolute black magick ceremony on sacred temple grounds. Those who bear the Soul-Mark of Darkness and wish to step into the Void will perform a rite of Blackest Magick to usher in an Aeonic Rift on an apocalyptic scale.” Actually he did not say that. That is too silly to be real.

The Kiwi research is true. They found that there wasn't a balanced range of facial expressions. Lego figures really did look grumpy these days. Indeed, the university's Dr. Richard Bartneck worried: "Instead of focusing on realistic expressions, it may be worthwhile to increase the variability of expressions. A comic style expression is sufficient to convey a full spectrum of emotions and intensities."

Lego is from Denmark which was named the happiest place to live in the world so it can’t be that evil – unless they have made a Satanic pact so they would be happy.

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