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Europe runs out of Atoms

by on16 July 2008


But Eee PC drops to €224

keeping a close eye on the availability of Atom-based netbooks, and recently we wrote about Acer's Aspire One, the first Atom netbook which was actually available with several retailers, here.

As of today, all of them have run out of stock, although some retailers claim they will have it back in stock within days. The situation with MSI's Wind / Medion Akoya Mini or Gigabyte M912 is even worse. None of them are available and retailers are hoping they will be able to offer some in early August.

Asus doesn't seem to mind much, as its Celeron based Eee isn't facing shortages. In spite of that, it has adjusted its prices, and the Eee 701 4G has dropped around €50, to €224. Basically, at this point it looks like Asus is competing with itself, making more room for more powerful SKUs and slowly phasing out the 701.
Last modified on 17 July 2008
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