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Intel to get its SoC to Motorola phones

by on26 February 2014


Part of Lenovo deal

We got one thing confirmed by Intel at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Since Intel has announced that its portfolio of clients includes Lenovo, Asus, Foxconn and a few others, we asked if the Lenovo deals means getting Intel into future Motorola phones.

Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google and Intel has implied that the Lenovo deal will cover the future development. They didn’t say Motorola will launch phones with Intel SoCs inside, but they said that we can assume that future Motorola phones that come under Lenovo will be influenced by this multi-year and multi-device deal.

We cannot shake the feeling that Intel is making an impact on companies that are already selling its notebooks, tablets and similar devices. It will be healthy to see the non-Intel OEMs launching Intel based phone.

Intel XMM 7260 Cat 6 capable LTE got demonstrated with speeds of 300Mbits upload and up to 50 Mbits download, but XMM 7260 LTE is a separate chip that is not the part of Intel's Merrifield SoC. This was a carrier aggregation demo on 20MHz + 20Mhz channel that are needed to get the full 300Mbits. 


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