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Quanta releases Xeon based server

by on26 February 2014

Pushing into the Data Centre

Quanta has launched a new server based on Intel's latest high-octane Xeon chips. The Taiwanese hardware maker has recently started selling its own data centre IT gear to customers after spending years designing gear for Dell, HP and IBM.

Its latest high-performance machine is the QuantaGrid Q71L-4U, which is a 4U server powered by Intel's new Xeon E7-4800 v2 processors. The server has 60 processing cores total and 120 threads, 96 DDR3 DIMMs and uses Intel's C104 Scalable Memory Buffer capability.

It can be expanded through 10 PCIe 3.0 slots; four of them hot pluggable, and an additional one dedicated to Quanta’s SAS/RAID storage expansion. Many features have come from Chipzilla including 20 new reliability, availability and serviceability features which are found in the new family of chips.

The new features include things like error recovery, cache reliability, hardware partitioning and electrically isolated partitions.

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