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Computer games stop girls getting pregnant

by on11 July 2008


Geek contraception

The Scottish Government is investigating a cunning plan to use computer games to stop teenage girls becoming pregnant.

The idea is to develop a computer game where a girl has to look after a baby for 72 hours and comes from an Expert Working Group on Infant Mental Health. If girls played the game for 72 hours it would almost certainly reduce their wish to become parents at an early age, the study suggests.

The report said that the 'computer games culture' and the wide familiarity of such games to children and young people opens up new options for introducing health education to young people. While it has been shown that education on sex and contraception reduces teen pregnancy rates, those most vulnerable people will not be well educated.

However a game might interest them, the boffins reasoned. Of course after 72 hours of Counterstrike we doubt anyone would want to have a baby, or anything else other than a lot of sleep.
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