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Nvidia Tegra 4i phone from Wiko

by on25 February 2014

French company, light phone

After a year in the making, Nvidia’s first LTE phone based on A9 quad-core powered Tegra 4i chip is finally out. It is not an A series brand as the phone comes from French company called Wiko.

We could not benchmark it but representatives told us that it will come a bit later, without a precise shipping date. Our best information is that this phone should start shipping in Q2 2014 at the earliest.

This 720p phone with an 8-megapixel camera is very light, it has a changeable back cover and it is a very thin design. Someone close to Nvidia suggested that phones like Wiko’s Wax should sell for around 200 euro and if subsidized probably for free, but we didn’t get official confirmation on that.

The phone will be known under the WAX brand and we saw it loading webpages over 4G implying that it works as it was supposed to.


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