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Titanfall Xbox One bundle confirmed

by on25 February 2014

Disappointment & 40GB download/install

A few weeks ago sources had told us that Microsoft would release a Xbox One Titanfall bundle to celebrate the release of what has to be called perhaps the biggest game of the young Xbox One platform. Today, Microsoft made it official with the news that the Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One bundle would be released March 11th in North America and March 14th in Europe.

The thing is that it sounds all well and good till you dig into the details. The devil is in the details. First off it does come in a great looking Titanfall themed box, but when you open the box you will find the same standard black Xbox One and Kinect that they have been selling so far. No new paint job to match the Limited Edition Xbox One Titanfall wireless controller that the company has already announced.

In fact they are not even including one of the Limited Edition Xbox One Titanfall wireless controllers in the bundle, instead you get the same old black controller. You also get the chat headset and one month of Xbox Live Gold.

The real shocker is however that Titanfall is included as a 40GB digital download with no physical copy of the game included with the bundle. So depending on your Internet speed, once you get your new Xbox One home, you could be waiting quite a while to download the 40GB download. So in most cases you had better pickup some other games as you will not be playing Titanfall with your Xbox One friends anytime soon.

What a colossal failure by Microsoft. OK, we can understand the decision not to include the Limited Edition Xbox One Titanfall wireless controller, not saying we agree with it, but we can understand it. The decision however to go with a 40GB digital download version of Titanfall is just another example of someone not thinking.

Those that buy the Titanfall bundle when it is released are likely buying it to play, Titanfall and making them wait in what could amount to a half day to maybe a full day to download the game is just beyond stupid. It just would have been better to either pre-load the game on the hard drive or just give players a physical copy of the game in the box. It seems that even when things are looking up for Microsoft and it has anything to do with Xbox One, they just manage to fumble the ball once again.

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