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Nvidia reshapes Tegra focus

by on17 February 2014

Tablets, cars, set-top boxes and TV

Nvidia is still looking for its place under the sun in the SoC market. The latest Logan based Tegra K1 is the fifth iteration of its SoC and it is meant to offer great graphics performance and gain more design wins than its predecessors.


Since Tegra K1 doesn’t have an integrated LTE or 3G modem, and its 4G LTE capability only comes via external Icera chip, it is not surprising that Nvidia is not going after phones with this chip. There might be a few phones that will end up with a Tergra K1 inside but not that many.

During Nvidia’s fiscal Q4 2014 conference call last week CEO Jen-Hsun Huang went on record and talked a bit about Nvidia’s focus. He implied that Nvidia’s core market for Tegra are tablets, gaming set-top boxes, gaming smart TVs and automotive.

“Maybe, another way of saying it is what is our non-focus and our non-focus is mainstream phones. ” was Huang’s way of saying that Nvidia will work on phones but as an extension of the real target market that includes tablets, set-top boxes, gaming smart TVs and automotive.

We expect to see some Tegra 4i phones next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and some more Tegra K1 products by the end of this quarter. Then there is the Nvidia GTC GPU technology conference happening in late March, and this might be the right time for more Tegra tablets, console set-top boxes or similar devices based on Tegra K1.

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