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Computer games responsible for violence

by on07 July 2008


Claims rock star Noel Gallagher

Violent computer games are responsible for a sudden jump in violent crime, according to UK's number one expert in social ills, Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.

In an interview with music mag New Musical Express, the Beatle's clone Gallagher also added that kids "smoking super skunk" probably also had something to do with it. Gallagher, who was famous for forgetting most of his own band's success because of his drugs habit said that he suspected that violent video games had something to do with the increase in crime rate.

He said kids of today were up all night smoking super skunk and they become so desensitised to crime because they’re playing these video games.  He said it was "really, really" scary. Coming from the bloke who thumped his brother for saying his missus was a slag and his daughter Anais was fathered by another man, and probably has snorted a few too many illegal substances in his time, we have to say 'definitely maybe' to the thoughts of Noel.

However NME's elder statesman of Rock is also famous for saying he gives controversial answers to silly questions in interviews. "I genuinely feel is in my heart. My conscience is clean, d'you know what I mean? Y'know, I'm true to myself — f*ck everybody else."
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