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Maxwell is a 28nm chip

by on15 January 2014

GM107 that is

Geforce Maxwell GM107, Nvidia’s upcoming entry level chip, is a 28nm product. This was not hard to guess but now we can confirm it. There will be a 20nm Maxwell line, but this will naturally come at later date but we don’t have any timeframe for these chips.

The GM 107 will be the first of many Maxwell chips and we have been hearing that Maxwell has a much better performance per watt ratio compared to the current Kepler architecture. You can imagine that it is destined to do well in notebooks.

The follow up chip, the one that addresses the mainstream Geforce 660, 760 market, or its successor will be the one to watch, as this architecture aims to produce a worthy successor to the current line-up.

Nvidia operates at its best when it is winning the market battle, and its leadership was shaken by the immense performance and aggressive prices offered by AMD’s Hawaii generation launched last year. Nvidia is still doing quite well in the GPU market and it has a huge market share.

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