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Partners jump the gun on GTX 780 Ti

by on07 November 2013

British shop already selling MSI cards

Nvidia’s GTX 780 Ti NDA expires at 3 pm and we should see the first reviews in a matter of hours. However, some partners and retailers decided to jump the gun.

For example, is already has MSI’s GTX-780TI-3GD5 in stock for £582. Zotac’s reference card is listed in several DACH shops with prices starting at €677 – but it’s not available just yet. The card was announced a few weeks back and there’s nothing new to report on the spec front. It is based on a GK110-425-B1 GPU, clocked at 875MHz (Boost 928MHz), with 3GB or GDDR5 on a 384-bit memory bus. The memory clock is 1750MHz.

It’s got 2880 cores, 240 texture units and 48 ROPs, up from 2304/192/48 on the original GTX 780. In terms of performance, it churns out 5040GFLOPS (Single), 210GFLOPS (Double). The “old” GTX 780 could manage 3977GFLOPS (Single), 165GFLOPS (Double). For a bit of perspective, here are the Titan numbers: 4500GFLOPS (Single), 1311GFLOPS (Double, 732MHz).

On paper it looks like a powerhouse and of course we are already playing with it on our test rig. Naturally we can’t share the results right now, but a preview should be coming shortly.

In theory it should give the R9 290X a run for its money, but then again it does end up a bit pricier - $699 is official MSRP, making it $150 more expensive than AMD’s flagship. We still don't understand what Nvidia plans to do with the Titan now. Early retirement sounds like a good idea.


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