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Nvidia might be forced into another price cut

by on10 October 2013


Last week Nvidia responded to AMD’s Hawaii launch by offering discounts on a few of mid- to low-end cards. It is also said to be working on a couple of revamped GTX 750 and GTX 760 products designed to go toe to toe with AMD’s R7 series and R9 270X products. Following the first round of its cuts, Nvidia clearly stated that it had no intentions of extending the price cuts to other cards, namely the more powerful GTX 700 series products.

However, Digitimes reports that Nvidia could be forced into another round of price cuts as early as November. Of course, Digitimes’ sources have a habit of stating the obvious, as the rumoured price cut would follow R290 and R290X availability by a couple of weeks.

It would also make the GTX 760, 770 and possibly 780 a tad more competitive going into the holiday season. Needless to say, Nvidia can’t make its move until AMD announces official R290 and R290X pricing. This should happen quite soon and multiple sources are already telling us that the R290X will end up with a $699 price tag.

There is a caveat though, the price is still not official and AMD could change it at the last possible moment, further limiting Nvidia’s ability to plan a possibly price cut. Furthermore the R290 price remains a mystery and if it’s priced right it could spell more trouble for Nvidia than the R290X. 

There are still plenty of unknowns and although Nvidia isn’t talking about any GTX 700 price cuts just yet, it is evident that it will have to do something over the next couple of months.

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