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Customisable smartphones are the new black

by on13 September 2013

Lego for smartphones

A smartphone project called Phonebloks has gone viral on YouTube with more than 5 million views in just three days. Phonebloks is a new kind of phone that is made out of detachable blocks allowing users to customise it by picking and choosing the components that matter to them most.

If you want your phone to work on the cloud you can replace your storage block for a bigger battery block. The plan is to let users could go to a "Blok-Store" to choose the components they want from the companies they prefer. Phonebloks users could in theory choose the kind of screen they want, the quality of their camera or how potent they want their loudspeaker to be. It also means that if a part of the phone goes out of date, or breaks, you can just replace it with a new one and not need to change the whole phone.

The entire project is being led by Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands.

You can have a look at after the break. 

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