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Nexus 5 specs revealed in FCC filing

by on06 September 2013

5-inch screen, LTE, Qualcomm 800

Google has a rather terrible track record when it comes to keeping its hardware under wraps. The Nexus 4 was leaked all over the place weeks ahead of launch and now it appears that the Nexus 5 will be no different.

The phone already popped up at a Google event and now we’ve got some juicy specs thanks to the good people of the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC has approved a device codenamed D820. Like the Nexus 4, it also comes from LG’s stable and the design is quite similar.

However, the Nexus 5 features 7-band LTE, and lack of LTE was one of the biggest complains about the Nexus 4. It packs a bigger screen, too. It’s a 5-incher, well 4.96 inches if anyone cares and it’s probably an 1080p unit. The mighty Qualcomm 800 is the silicon behind the show and let’s just hope it’s not neutered by thermal throttling like the APQ8064 used in the Nexus 4.

Anandtech's Brad Molen also dug up another document which states that the dimensions are 131.9mm by 68.2mm, but there’s no word on thickness. The Nexus 4 measures 133.9x68.7x9.1mm, which means the new one should end up a tad smaller in spite of the bigger screen.

There are still a few unknowns though. The Nexus 5 leak points to a much bigger camera lens, but there’s still no word on the actual sensor. We still don’t know anything about storage, either. The previous three Nexus generations topped out at 16GB and the Nexus 4 is available in 8GB and 16GB flavours. However, we believe it’s time for Google to move on and finally offer a 32GB version this time around. A flagship phone with 8GB and 16GB of storage makes absolutely no sense in 2013. It didn't in 2012, either.

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