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MSI officially releases GTX 780 Lightning

by on28 August 2013


TriFrozr cooler and faster than GTX Titan

MSI has finally and officially unveiled its new Geforce GTX 780 Lightning graphics card based on the GK110 GPU that features MSI's Triple Force Architecture, new TriFrozr cooler and even outperforms the Geforce GTX Titan graphics card.

Based on a completely custom PCB with a 20-phase VRM, Twin BIOS, Enchanced Power Desing, Military Class 4 components as well as MSI's GPU Reactor, the new GTX 780 Lightning is made exclusively for enthusiasts and overclockers. The new Triple Force Architecture includes Triple Level Signals LED function, TriFrozr Thermal Desing cooler as well as PureDigital PWM control. The Triple Level LED includes green, blue and red LEDs that show light, medium or heavy power load on the card while PureDigital PWM gives more stable and accurate voltage signal.

The new TriFrozr Thermal Design is an evolution of MSI's TwinFrozr IV cooler that features two 9cm fans and one 8cm one with PropellerBlade and Dust Removal Technology as well as seven 8mm heatippes combined with a rather hefty heatsink, ensuring that the GPU, memory and VRM will remain well cooled even under high load.

The new GTX 780 Lightning also feature TwinBIOS feature that includes an original BIOS and overclocking BIOS. The second one is designed specifically for LN2 overclocking by removing certain restrictions. It also feature 16-phase GPU and 4-phase VRM memory desing, while GPU Reactor filters out extra noise for more stable overclocking. It also features the 3x3 OC Kits that allows users, or precisely, enthusiasts and overclockers to adjust the voltage levels of the GPU, memory, and PLL through MSI's exclusive Afterburner utility while monitoring GPU, memory, and MOFSET temperatures.

Out of the box, the new MSI Geforce GTX 780 Lightning works at 980MHz base and 1033MHz GPU Boost clocks, feature 3GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6008MHz and paired up with a 384-bit memory interface.

msi GTX780light 1

msi GTX780light 2

msi GTX780light 2a

msi GTX780light 3

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msi GTX780light 5

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