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Is Linux coming out too fast

by on22 August 2013

Linus says you get that with the big jobs

After problems with the last kernel, it seems there is a bit of a debate going on that Linux is coming out too fast and is not being properly tested.

The last release had a couple of significant bugs and had to be redone, something which Linux messiah Linus Torvalds agrees is not good enough. There are mutterings on the Linux blogs that versions are coming out too fast and without proper testing.

Torvalds has ruled out the need for an rc release but thinks that code should be in the standard git tree for at least a week. Part of the problem is that Linux does not have that many people who run git kernels.

“People who do don't tend to update daily anyway." But at least this kind of embarrassing: "We found a bug within almost minutes of it hitting mainline. It should not make it into stable,” he wrote.

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