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Microsoft is going to the Tokyo Game Show 2013

by on01 July 2013

After skipping last year, Microsoft will return

Japan has always been difficult for Microsoft. The company has never really been able to gain much of a foothold there, despite really working at it. As a result, the company opted last year to skip the Tokyo Game Show; but it has confirmed that it will be among the exhibitors this time around at the 2013 show.

The difference this time is Xbox One. The company has gotten significant buzz in the Japanese market on the Xbox One, and it is only natural that they would want to show Japan what they have to compete with the PlayStation 4. Speaking of Sony, they, of course, will be there in force showing off the PlayStation 4.

What is really an unknown is if Microsoft has some deals for Japanese-produced titles that are going to make a real difference in the Japanese market space. This has seemed to be the area in which Microsoft has struggled the most. Without specific Japanese-oriented content, it would be impossible for any console to be a success in Japan.

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