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Israel re-enacts the Six Day War

by on06 June 2013

On Twitter

Israel’s army is giving a "live" blow-by-blow re-enactment of the 1967 Six Day War on Twitter.

According to the Herald Sun the army is tweeting each air strike at the exact time it occurred 46 years ago. @IDF1967 "is an official Israel Defence Forces account that is aimed at retweeting the events of the Six Day War in live time", an army spokesman told AFP.

The account was tweeting key events in the battle against the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria that took place from June 5 to 10, 1967 and includes pictures and videos, the army said. The tweets are mostly in Hebrew, with some translated into English.

Also included are historical quotes including this one:

"In response to repeated provocations by Egypt, the State of Israel and the IDF are going to war. We will not sit idly as the enemy forces tighten the noose around our necks," the opening tweet said around 8.00am (1500 AEST) on Wednesday when Israel landed its first pre-emptive air strike 46 years ago.

The Palestinians separately marked the start of the 1967 conflict. For them it was the time when Israeli forces seized Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem, with the Palestinians mourning it as the "naksa" or setback.

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