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Two desktop Haswells are 35W chips

by on09 May 2013

Core i7-4770K is 84W

Here at Fudzilla we always had a thing for frugal low power chips. We always liked low voltage versions that will run slightly slower than top tier products, but despite their lower speed they still manage deliver a decent performance.

Intel plans to enlarge its low power portfolio with a quad-core and dual-core Haswell, both with a 35W TDP. The faster one will come branded as Core i7 4765T and it is a 2GHz clocked quad with eight threads. The chip comes with 8MB of cache, integrated 4600-series graphics and dual-channel memory support up to 1600MHz speeds. Since this chip supports turbo with the same 35W TDP it can reach a 3GHz and deliver some extra performance when needed.

The runner up is the dual-core Core i5 4570T with 2.9GHz core clock and 3.6 GHz max turbo frequency. This is still a Haswell based dual-core with four thread support and it shares the same Intel 4600 graphics all in a 35W TDP envelope.

Naturally Intel has a few other chips in the 45W to 65W range that will deliver even more performance that gets closer to the 84W TDP Core i7 4770K top of the line SKU, but for people that really pay attention at the lowest possible TDP, the Core i7 4760T and Core i5 4570T will be the point of interest.

These chips are expected in June timeframe, to launch with the rest of Haswell desktop products.

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