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Kabini comes without Windows XP support

by on08 May 2013

Windows 7 or 8, no Vista either

In case you are the one people that like the new hardware platforms and processors, but at the same time prefer old Microsoft operating systems you are not going to be happy about the fact that AMD won't have Windows XP support for Kabini processors.

Windows XP is an 11 year old platform, but it still runs on many desktops and notebooks, especially in small businesses, and for example Brazos and Brazos 2.0 platforms at least had legacy support for this ancient OS. Kabini officially doesn’t have even legacy support, at least according to some plans that were shared with some of their partners.

Our sources are adding that no support means no official support for the platform, but some support might be added in the exception process. This leaves the actual level of support very cloudy but from what we understand not everything would work on Windows XP Kabini based machine.

Windows Vista will also be excluded from the list of supported operating systems but I don’t think anybody will get upset about this one. Windows 7 and 8 will get full support that includes new feature support, bug fixes, updates as well as technical assistance.

We are quite sure AMD will add support for future Windows iterations, such as Blue for Kabini as many people were not happy with Windows 8 and want to jump on board with the next one.

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