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IHS iSuppli declares netbooks dead

by on15 April 2013

Zero shipments by 2015

Netbooks have been dying a slow death since 2010, and it appears that they are definitely on their way out.


According to IHS iSuppli, total netbook shipments in 2013 will hit just 3.97 million units, a far cry from 32 million units shipped in 2010. Production will cease later this year and shipments in 2014 will amount to just a quarter of a million. By 2015 they will be down to zero.

It’s a rather sad story actually. Netbooks aren’t a bad concept, but the market is transforming and they are being squeezed out by sexier and sleeker tablets. Cheap 11 and 13-inchers powered by ULV Celerons and Brazos chips are also on the market, leaving practically no room for netbooks.

While they may sound like dinosaurs, the fact is that you can still pick up a quite decent nebook for just €199, and in terms of productivity it is a better choice than most tablets. We guess cash strapped students will just have to look somewhere else.

Last modified on 15 April 2013
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