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AMD preparing new Never Settle bundle

by on28 March 2013

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Unannounced PC title as an exclusive

According to our sources AMD is working on yet another Never Settle bundle that might be even more impressive than what we had a chance to see with the first Never Settle bundle, launched in October last year, and the Never Settle Reloaded that showed up with Radeon HD 7900/7800 series graphics cards in February this year.

AMD had some ups and downs with its Never Settle bundle and most downers were the fault of retailers rather than AMD. In general it seems to have improved the sales of GPUs, made AMD partners quite happy and certainly stepped on Nvidia's toes.

Our sources are now talking about a new Never Settle bundle that should, at least according to current information, include Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs title as well as Battlefield 4, which was pretty obvious due to yesterday's announcements the fact that Battlefield 4 was demoed on the new Malta Radeon HD 7990 graphics card. Both titles are scheduled to appear in Fall this year and we are still far away from them.

The third game is quite a mystery and should be an exclusive. According to what we know so far, it is some title that is unannounced for the PC, so it could be anyone guess. AMD might have scored a big win but wants to keep it well hidden as it could be a real deal breaker.

We'll certainly know more as we draw closer to the launch of AMD's new HD 7990 card and the release date for those two games. We'll also take some creative liberty here and go on a wild-guess spree saying that AMD might have scored the recently rumored Half-Life 3 title which will certainly make Nvidia an unhappy camper. (That is a shot in the dark, but it's possible. sub.ed) 

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