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New Tomb Raider needs more sales

by on28 March 2013

Must move 5 to 10 million copies to be a success

The new Tomb Raider title from Square Enix is going to need to sell a lot more copies if it is going to be a success, according to analyst Billy Pidgeon. Pidgeon echoes the same thing that others have been telling us, which is that with budgets that are topping $100 million dollars per game, you need reviews that come in at 8.5 or higher and sales that approach between 5 and 10 million units for publishers to be truly successful.

Pidgeon isn’t the only one who believes that isn’t the only problem. Too many of Square Enix’s titles were single-layer focused, which right now is clearly less popular than competing multiplayer titles from other publishers. Publishers need to strike a balance between the types of releases and the spacing of releases.

Analysts that we have spoken with seem to have mixed opinions on what Square Enix needs to do to right the ship. When you lose this kind of money there are going to be changes, that much is clear. The real question is will the changes be enough or are they just too little too late?

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