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Malta is Radeon HD 7990

by on27 March 2013

Same branding as old 7990, but different

A few weeks ago we wrote about AMD’s mystic dual-chip card codenamed Malta, and it turns out that the company is ready to reveal it to the world.

According to chaps who saw it at Games developers’ conference, Malta is going to be called AMD Radeon HD 7990. It has three fans, a dual slot cooler and a bunch of connectors including DVI, DP, HDMI and bunch of others.

Tech Radar had a chat with Devon Nekechuk, AMD product manager for high-end graphics, who showed off the card on stage and confirmed that this card is part of the same family as other 7990 cards on the market. Let me refresh your memory. We reviewed the PowerColor Devil 13 here and Asus Ares II is supposed to be the fastest AMD dual card on the block.

We can only raise our collective eyebrows at AMD’s decision to keep the same 7990 brand name for new cards, but AMD has already made it clear that these cards are preview only version and that the real product and the rest of the details come a bit later.

You can read more here.

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