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PopCap has plans for Plants Vs. Zombies

by on27 March 2013

Adventures in closed beta, but no sequel till early summer

PopCap looks to have a future filled with Plants Vs. Zombies. The company has confirmed that the sequel to the first Plants Vs. Zombies is coming in early summer on a variety of platforms. The game is evidently just titled ‘Plants Vs. Zombies 2’ at this point. This news revises the rumored spring release of the sequel to the best-selling tower defense title.

The rumored Plans Vs. Zombies Adventures that takes the characters from the game and places them in a new Facebook adventure game is already in Beta. The game has been described as a “highly accessible” social spin off of the tower defense title.

Plans Vs. Zombies Adventures will offer new plants, of course, as well as new Zombies. The existence and development effort of the title was given away by domain registration earlier in the month. The move with Plans Vs. Zombies Adventures will see the developer work on more games using themes from previous PopCap titles, and this should prove successful.

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