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EVGA showcases Superclocked Titan

by on09 March 2013

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In case that you don’t think that Nvidia’s new Geforce Titan is fast enough, EVGA has something for you. It turns out that EVGA already has superclocked Titan cards and Cebit it showed off two of them in SLI mode at Cebit.

The system that was running two EVGA GeForce GTX Titan SuperClocked cards in 2-way SLI, EVGA Z77 FTW mobo, Intel Core i7 3770K CPU as well as Kingston HyperX Beast 4x 8GB @ 2133MHz (KHX21C11T3K4 /32X) memory. The EVGA Geforce GTX Titan Superclocked has 2688 CUDA cores, a base clock of 876GHz (up from 837MHz), boost clock of 928 MHz (up from 876 MHz at default Titan) and it has 6144MB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6008MHz, just like the reference board. The bottom line is that the GPU and boost clocked are overclocked and the SLI was stable all the time, we were told.

evga superclocked titan2

As far as we know, EVGA’s Superclocked Titan is the first card to deviate from the original clock, so it should provide slightly higher performance than reference cards. It was cool to see Kingston’s HyperX 3K SSD 240GB used as the system drive, along with no less than six HyperX 3K SSD 240 GB in RAID 0 for storage via Adaptec’s RAID 6805E adapter. The PSU of choice was Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W and the rig also featured a Cooler Master Seidon 240M cooler.

Superclocked cards are coming soon, and they will end up a bit more expensive than default cards.

evga superclocked titan

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