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Haswell USB 3.0 issue requires hardware fix

by on09 March 2013

New chipset revision to address it

Intel naturally didn’t want to comment Haswell USB 3.0 issues, but we have learned that the USB 3.0 issue is real. It is not something that can be fixed with a mere software update. We heard that Intel will go for a new chipset revision. 

So far motherboard partners are saying that this bug won’t delay the planned introduction. Intel is telling them that Haswell desktop parts are still on schedule to launch in June (probably at Computex 2013).

The bug affects USB 3.0 ports when the machine wakes up from S3 state and it is nothing major, but Intel wants to polish its chipset and launch it in better shape. Bear in mind that this is the second time Intel experienced a chipset glitch in under a year.

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