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Samsung beats Apple to iWatch

by on18 February 2013

Looks like the rumours may have been placed

For a while now the Tame Apple Press has been running stories waxing lyrically about Apple’s forthcoming iWatch. WSJ, NYT, and Bloomberg have been telling us that it is the new “ipad” which will restore Apple’s crown as the great innovator in the tech industry. Yawn.

Anyway Apple hates leaks, which is why anything Applish appears in the Asian tech press. If the New York Times gets a rumour it is something that Jobs’ Mob actually wants out there. So it is starting to look like the real reason for the rumours, and why Apple is considering releasing an iWatch is because its former chum and worst enemy has built one of its own already. According to screenshots unearthed by SlashGear from a Korean messageboard, Samsung looks like it is building a smartwatch. The screen shots show a GALAXY Altius and it appears that the device has SKT and SKTelecom on several shots, this indicating that it will be carried with a data plan on that particular South Korean mobile service.

It is unlikely that an outfit like Apple did not know that Samsung was planning this, nor was this far down the line with production. Our guess is that Apple heard about the Samsung watch and decided to run a spoiler. It leaked out that it was making one so that when the Samsung watch appeared it could claim it invented it. Certainly in the public’s eye Apple has been the first to “leak” plans that a watch was coming out. The good side of this is if Samsung’s watch does not work, then Apple can shelf its own plans and said that the iWatch was just rumour and speculation.

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