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Court tells Apple to sling its hook again

by on05 February 2013

No, you can’t ban Samsung’s products

Jobs’ Mob has been delivered another defeat by a US court after it trying to have Samsung’s products banned from the shelves.

While Apple had managed to win a court case which claimed it had invented the rounded rectangle and so Samsung copied its idea, it has been a lot less successful about getting the court to impose a product ban. A US appeals court on Monday rejected Apple's request to fast-track its bid for a sales ban on several Samsung phones, ruling the iPhone maker could not argue its case to the full appeals court right away.

A lower court judge had rejected Apple's bid for a permanent injunction following a blockbuster trial last year. In its ruling the Federal U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC. Jobs’ Mob wanted a full ban while the Appeals court considered the case. It also wanted the jury ruling to apply to everything that Samsung has made since including the Galaxy S III.

US District Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple's request. The Federal Circuit ruling on Monday allows Samsung to keep its products on store shelves while Apple's appeal slowly grinds through the legal system.

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