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Apple pulls photo-sharing app over nudity

by on23 January 2013

It might have been used to see porn

Jobs Mob has removed a photosharing app which people wanted because it could be used to search for porn.

500px, the popular photo-sharing app, has been pulled from the iOS App Store over a disagreement over an updated version, which would have allowed users to see nude images in search results. 500px COO Evgeny Tchebotarev says that the new update would have kept nude images out of search results by default, but users could have adapted it to see boobies.

Apple in a desperate attempt to appease right wing conservatives, rather than give customers what they want, just pulled the app until it no longer looked for naked images. Of course by that logic it should also pull its Safari browser which could do the same thing, and the camera functions on the iPhone and iPad which could also be used to take porn.   

Apple claimed that the app was removed for "pornographic" images and, made the bizarre claim that it could be used for child pornography. This is news to 500px was not told about the child pornography as it has never had  a single complaint about kiddie porn in its life. If it did so it would call the cops.

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