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Sony will not deploy anti-used game tech on PS4

by on07 January 2013

If they do, the PS4 will die an early death

Since we told you about the anti-used game technology for which Sony has applied for a patent, we have been talking with a number of insiders and analysts who believe that Sony would not take the chance of widely deploying this technology as a cornerstone of the PlayStation 4 introduction.

“I just don’t think Sony would risk the backlash from consumers. They need the PlayStation 4 to be successful, and it isn’t going to be if they make this known as part of the platform right out of the gate,” one analyst told us.

The bigger question remains is if they will build the necessary technology into the PlayStation 4 and they deploy or introduce it at a later time. This, too, seems to receive a solid “No” from analysts and insiders that we spoke with. “Assuming that they need to add special hardware to the unit internally to deploy and use this technology, which it does seem so from this patent application, I don’t see them taking a chance of including it, only to be found by some website reviewer who opens the unit and shows off the insides on launch day,” said one well connected insider.

It could be that Sony has simply developed this technology and, as with all IP that the company develops, they want to protect it by patenting it. It could be that and nothing more.

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