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AMD’s top E-series Kabini is E1 3310

by on31 December 2012

15W with HD 8240G graphics

We mentioned AMD’s upcoming Kabini in X flavour, including the X4 5110 that should be coming in June 2013 here.

Of course, X parts should denote quad-cores, but we have spotted two new E-series chips including the E1 2210 and the faster E1 3310. (Probably inspired by Nokia ed.)

These chips are definitely meant for low power desktop systems and we would not be surprised to hear that AMD has a tablet and Ultrabook version of these chips.

The samples of E1 3310 are currently scheduled for March 2013 and production is lined up for March to April 2013. The planned launch for both SKUs is June 2013.

We have little info on the current spec, but the graphics core in charge of the chip is the HD 8240G and the chip operates under a 15W thermal envelope.

The X4 4110, obviously a more powerful quad-core part, is also rated at 15W. Both E1 1500 Brazos 2.0 as well as previous E1 1200 Brazos chips are dual-core despite the E1 branding, so it’s safe to assume that E1 3310 and E1 2210 are dual-core as well.

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