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Samsung to show off bendy screen at CES

by on21 December 2012

720p, 5.5-inch

Samsung will show off a 5.5-inch flexible smartphone screen at CES.

The screen comes offers 1280x720 resolution and a ppi of 267, but Samsung is also planning to make a 55-inch flexible TV screen, although we are not sure why.

Of course, a flexible screen does not have to mean that Samsung will create flexible phones, but it could allow designers to come up with innovative, curvy designs. The screens will also be more resistant to drop damage, but we don’t know how Samsung plans to deal with scratches, unless there’s a flexible version of Gorilla Glass in the works, and there isn’t.

Samsung is also expected to show off a few other goodies at CES, but nothing has been officially confirmed thus far. Apart from the bendy screen, of course.

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