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Smart TVs to dominate market

by on19 December 2012

By 2016

Smart TVs have been relatively slow to take off, at least in comparison with booming smartphone and tablet sales, but in just a few years they could become standard.

Gartner estimates that about 85 percent of all TVs produced in 2016 will be smart TVs. Worldwide production of smart TVs will grow from 69 million in 2012 to 198 million in 2016. As many as 108 million units will be produced in 2013.

However, Gartner was quick to point out that smart TVs need to be backed by new services and content. This will open up a new market, as TV brands will compete to deliver extra content and gain a competitive edge over other smart TVs.

Although smart TVs are capable of accessing heaps of content from the internet, Gartner believes much of the content will be delivered in a more traditional way, via satellite, cable or IPTV. Premium content will still be available only through pay-TV services, hence they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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