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Radeon 8000 expected in Q2 2013

by on30 November 2012

Sources confirm

Since we only have one month left in 2012 and due the fact that graphics companies rarely announce something big in December, it is obvious that Radeon HD 8000 slipped to 2013.

Our well informed industry sources are confirming that the next generation, based on Sea Islands, architecture is coming in 2013 and some of them dare to say that it will be Q2 2013 rather than Q1 2013. Some people were expecting to see the cards in Q1 2013 but even according to AMD’s own roadmap Sea Islands, the new GPU architecture with HAS features was scheduled (or should we say delayed. Ed) for 2013.

AMD has already communicated this schedule loud and clear in its February 2012 roadmap update, and even then it killed hopes that Sea Islands or HD 8000 cards are coming in very late Q3 or Q4 2012, as was previously expected.

We won’t get into any specific details like the 8000 branding, or die sizes as we simply don’t know this at the time being. It’s safe to say that these cards will end up faster than 7000 series and at similar TDPs to the previous generation, all manufactured in 28nm.

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