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Yahoo boss drops the sprog and heads back to work

by on02 October 2012

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He will hate you when he is a teen

Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer has apparently wasted no type mucking around with “mother stuff” after giving birth to her first child over the weekend. Apparently the 37 year old is back at work and ordering people around.

At the moment she is doing so from home and "is involved in all critical decisions making," a Yahoo spokeswoman said. She is planning to return to the office in about a week.

Mayer, who was an executive at Google before taking the helm at Yahoo, is the company's third permanent CEO in roughly a year. She is leading an effort to revive the company's flagging revenue growth amid competition from Google Inc, Facebook Inc and a new generation of Web start-ups.

Mayer hit the headlines when she was appointed by telling Fortune magazine that she did not plan to take an extended maternity leave. This stoked a debate about whether such an example would help or hurt the cause of other women in the workplace.

Most US people thinking that women should stay at home until their kid has become a teenager. But then they also think that life starts when a man orgasms and that women should be charged with murder if they miscarry.

News of the birth of Mayer's first child was announced on Twitter by her husband, Zachary Bogue, who wrote: "baby boy Bogue born last night. Mom and baby are doing great-we couldn't be more excited!"

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