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Anonymous hacker arrested

by on14 September 2012

Brown might have threatened the wrong spook

One of the leaders of the computer hacker group Anonymous has been arrested and handed over to the FBI in Dallas. It is not clear why Barrett Brown, 31, was arrested as the FBI is not saying anything. 

California law firm Leiderman Devine said it would be defending Brown at a hearing in Dallas federal court and that he had been arrested on charges of "threatening a federal agent." Brown was unusual amongst the Anonymous crowd because he was not er anonymous. He used his real name and tended to be quoted as representative of the group.

While he had been watched for some time, it seems that what got him banged up was a rambling video he posted on YouTube Wednesday called "Why I'm Going to Destroy FBI Agent Robert Smith."

He said that he was fairly certain he am going to do prison time and while swearing like a Fudzilla reporter, Brown said he planned to "ruin" Smith's life, adding that the FBI has threatened his mother with arrest and posted pictures of his home on line.

"Robert Smith's life is over," Brown said on the video.

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