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Nvidia responds to Amazon's Kindle Fire performance claims

by on07 September 2012

Can’t measure user experience with benchmarks

It looks like Nvidia was prepared to go after Jeff Bezos’ claim that the OMAP 4470 is faster than Tegra 3, you can check out the claims here. We asked Nvidia for an official comment and this is what we got.

“It’s good to see companies continuing to use Tegra 3 as the standard they compare their products to. The immensely popular Nexus 7 has shown the capabilities of the Tegra 3 processor.

You can’t measure the consumer’s overall experience with synthetic benchmarks. A better way to measure is with real world apps and use cases. Tegra 3 has shown time and time again that it delivers a great experience for consumers, whether they’re gaming, streaming video or using other apps.

Igor Stanek – NVIDIA Senior Product PR Manager EMEAI “

It is interesting that Nvidia didn’t go to benchmark wars, as according to our experience Tegra 3 is quite fast, especially on Jelly Bean Android 4.1. Surprisingly Nvidia took the higher ground knowing that being in Google Nexus 7 or Microsoft Surface, it gets inside two out of three important platforms, the third being Apple’s iPad of course. So, Nvidia is choosing user experience and eternal love and happiness over the traditional bigger-number-is-better approach.

We will take the OMAP 4470 for a spin as soon as we get our hands on an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire, but the OMAP 4460 inside the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is likely to end up slower since it’s pretty much the same chip that we tested in Galaxy Nexus last year. It ends up significantly slower in most benchmarks than the latest flagship phones.

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